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Spring Trend: It’s All About the Earrings

Spring Trend: It’s All About the Earrings

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Behind the Scenes: Business Adventures in New York City

The start of New York Fashion Week has me reminiscing on my recent trip to the Big Apple. My days are filled from sunrise to sunset with buyer and editor meetings but I love the energy of the city. Lotte New York Palace is my favorite place to stay.

Every morning I sip my earl grey tea while taking in the view of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in a quiet room high above all the noise.

I’m always eating on the go and the Lotte New York Palace has the cutest French style bakery, Pomme Palia. I’ll grab a croissant and refill my earl grey tea and I’m off!

First stop – Hearst Tower 

This was truly a dream for me! I met with editors from Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Town and Country, O Magazine and Elle. Our statement earrings and Horn Choker Necklace were their favorite pieces from our spring line.

After leaving Hearst I grabbed a quick bite at Bergdorf Goodman Café.

Next stop – Meeting with the owner of Julian Gold

Julian Gold has been offering customers the best designer selections since 1945 and we are thrilled our line is available throughout their four locations in Texas.

Now it’s time to hail a taxi! I have a long ride to Brookfield Place to meet with Saks Fifth Avenue. Their new downtown office is sleek and modern and has sweeping views of the Hudson River. They also loved our statement earrings and Amazonite Statement pieces.

For my last meal of the day I lucked out and came across a hidden burger joint in Le Parker Meridien. It was absolute burger perfection.

The next day I had several morning meetings before I had to jet off to the airport. There is never enough time in New York City!

First stop (Day 2) – Buyer meeting with Intermix

Intermix is known for mixing on-trend pieces in unexpected ways. Again, it was all about the statement earring. The buying team loved our Mother of Pearl Chandelier Earrings so much they had to try them on. ?

My last stop was in downtown Manhattan to meet with Halsbrook. Our bold pieces blend well with the classic clothing carried by this online boutique. Their turquoise-toned office is super cute and I always enjoy catching up with them.

With my trip wrapped up, I start sketching new designs on the flight home. New York City gets me so inspired! I am already looking forward to my next visit.

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Behind the Scenes: Q&A with Creative Director and Co-Owner of NEST Jewelry, Janette Wilkinson

Behind the Scenes: Q&A with Creative Director and Co-Owner of NEST Jewelry, Janette Wilkinson

NEST Jewelry’s Creative Director and Co-Owner, Janette Wilkinson, sat down with Neiman Marcus to discuss her vision behind the brand.

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Neiman Marcus: Tell us about your journey toward becoming a renowned jewelry designer.

Janette Wilkinson: It happened mostly by accident. Since a very young age, I have always loved fashion. My earliest memories are of playing in my grandmother’s costume jewelry. I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, so I didn’t have access to fashion outside of magazines and catalogs. I was pretty good at math and science, so I was encouraged to pursue engineering. I graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and then worked in the semiconductor industry for ten years. I really enjoyed working in semiconductor, even though I wore a protective suit that covered me from head to toe—not so fashionable.

The first pieces of jewelry I designed were just for myself. Red coral jewelry was a big trend, and I wanted a coral necklace that had a bold scale, but was still simple. I couldn’t really find what I was looking for, so I decided to make it myself. One day I was in Neiman Marcus NorthPark shopping for a gift and five people stopped me to ask where I had purchased my necklace. I immediately called my sister, Jana Erwin, and the next thing you know we were partners in a jewelry business we named NEST.


NM: And the name NEST, where did it come from?

JW: When Jana and I began brainstorming the name of our jewelry line, we wanted something that emphasized the natural, bold, and simple nature of our pieces. We were traveling around the world collecting things and bringing them back home to create our collections. We felt like birds gathering their natural materials and bringing them back home to create their nests. In that discovery, the name NEST was born.


NM: We love family-owned businesses. Tell us how you and your sister decided on partnering together to create NEST Jewelry.

JW: My sister is an accredited Interior Designer and was running her own high-end design firm in Houston. She understood the details of starting a company, which allowed me to focus on the fashion. Although she is our CEO, it is nice to have another creative eye to look over the pieces that I am working on. We have gradually turned NEST into a family business. I have a very close family that enjoys working, playing, and even traveling together! We have vacationed together in some beautiful places including Greece, Scotland, Mexico, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, and many beaches, mountains, and lakes across the U.S. Our vacations always end up being a great time for vision planning, and over the years my nieces gained interest in listening to our business meetings. After my oldest niece graduated from college, she started working for us, helping with production and also PR. And my younger niece often models our pieces.


NM: Where do you find inspiration designing new collections, season after season?

JW: Nature — every piece of jewelry we make has some sort of natural element. Over the years we have used stone, wood, horn, bone, metals, leather, stingray, and even shark’s teeth. We keep our materials authentic. When we select stones, we let their inherent beauty begin the design process. After we determine the perfect cut of stone, we begin enhancing it with hand-trimmed gold, hand-knotted silk, or we add other natural products like horn. Our customers often tell us that they love the way our pieces feel as much as they love the way they look. The natural energy that the stones carry and the attention to detail and handmade quality truly come through.


NM: Hard to narrow it down, we know, but what is your favorite NEST piece?

JW: Definitely our Cluster Necklace! We’ve created this style in many different colors of turquoise and jasper, mother-of-pearl, and even horn. The NEST Cluster Necklace is the definition of a statement piece!


NM: Can you give us a sneak peek into where you think the fashion industry is headed and how NEST fits into that world?

JW: I think there is such an appreciation and longing for things that are made by hand with natural materials and for pieces that have a story. Jewelry needs to feel special and unique, and that is exactly what we do!

Shop the latest from NEST Jewelry at




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Statement Necklace 101 | Nest Jewelry

Big or Small – Short or Tall – Statement necklaces are for everyone.

[Teal Apatite & Wood Collection available at]

Over the years I have converted many skeptics to love the statement necklace. I have heard it all, “I love big jewelry but it just doesn’t look good on me,” to “I’m too small,” or even “I’m too big.” At NEST we make sure there is something for everyone. To take the guesswork out of it I have selected a few statement necklaces that look amazing across the board. These pieces are so easy to wear and will help ease you into the wonderful world of statement necklaces. I promise you will thank me.

Rose Gold Pendant Necklace – This necklace will elongate your neck and the soft rose gold color looks amazing on all skin types. This is a win for anyone. It’s just a great, easy-to-wear piece that will go with anything in your closet.



Horn and Gold Ball Necklace – The natural variations of the horn looks fantastic with light or dark hair. The short length makes it easily worn with any neckline. Also, since these large beads are horn they are super lightweight!!

Amazonite Petal Necklace – You will not find a more flattering necklace than this Amazonite Cluster Necklace. Truly. The soft pale blue/green is flattering to all skin types and hair color. The natural rounded teardrop shape brings out all your best facial features. This color is great all year round, from brightening up your linen to adding a punch to your basic black.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 2.50.14 PM

I want you all to take a leap of faith, live on the edge, and buy a statement necklace! For the next week we are offering $50 off of these three necklaces using the coupon code: STATEMENT .

As always we love you and thank you for loving your NEST!



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Master Stack | Nest Jewelry

Spring is almost here and that means one thing…short enough sleeves to wear a ton of bracelets!! I LOVE this look! To wear it like a pro make sure to have various widths and materials. I like it best when worn with two to three widths of our horn bangles then add a skinny metal bangle or even the bi-cone stretch bracelet.

You can also keep it interesting by keeping all the materials the same but having a variety of shapes and sizes. The monochromatic look is very chic and super easy to wear.

















Want to take the guesswork out? Great! We have put together a couple of stacks for you. Our Ebony Wood Bangles and our famous Mixed Horn Bangles mix well with almost any look and are great starter sets. They’re also the best bang for your buck because you can wear the bracelets as individuals, put on a few, or rock the whole thing!


Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.38.50 AM        Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.38.24 AM


If you want to jazz these up even more you can add a wide bangle. Just have fun with these! You can’t go wrong.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.45.03 AM    Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.39.35 AM

Maybe you already own some of our Skinny Bangle Sets that are essentials to any NEST collector. No need to get an entirely new stack, just add one or two Hammered Bangles in either gold or silver. Whatever the mood is for the day, NEST has a bangle to fit it!


nest-gold-sterling-silver-hammered-banglegoldtone-product-1-12515834-509596686          Metal_Bangle_Silver_P12-HSBS3 copy


Now it’s time to get shopping! Enjoy 10% off anything on our site from now through April 30 by using the code: STACK. THANK YOU for being NEST collectors. We love you!

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Wearable Art – Three Simple Steps to Accessorizing Your Best Look

At NEST we believe jewelry should be bought the same way you buy art. This is why we call our customers “collectors.” Each piece we make is designed to go along with current trends while also remaining classic so that you can easily add to your collection. Here are three simple steps to buying accessories you will wear forever:

1. Make sure you LOVE it.

We’ve all been there; we like a piece and we think we can make it work so we take it home and then it sits in the box or tucked away in our closet until we get rid of it. Don’t do that! If you love it the day you get it then you will always find yourself picking it up out of the jewelry box first. Take our iconic Chunky Necklace for example. We have made this necklace in every color imaginable for what seems like an eternity. You might think I would be over it but I still wear mine ALL THE TIME. It’s easy, eye-catching and definitely unique.





2. Mix and match.

To keep things interesting I suggest not always buying matching sets. I would pair our new Leather Horn Drop Statement Necklace that has a raw, tribal look with our simple Brushed Gold Bi-cone Stud Earrings. I like that the earrings don’t take away from the dramatic necklace. Although, if you want to dress this up then I would add our Horn Disc Cuff with the shiny gold, sleek edges. Don’t be afraid to mix metals!

7 copy   6




3. Stock up on essentials.

The best way to keep your collection working from season to season is to have good basics that you can wear with anything. These are my top picks. I also call these my “travel pieces” because I can pack light and still have everything I need from day to night.


Long Gold Twist Necklace – $350


Gold Hammered Half Ball Stud Earrings – $95


Gold Hammered Dome Adjustable Ring – $95


Long Horn Teardrop Pendant Necklace – $195


Organic Horn Drop Earrings – $125

Horn and Gold Bangle Set – $250


Gold Hammered Thin Hoop Earrings – $95


Gold Hammered Curve Cuff – $250

After you build your essentials and mix and match like a pro, then it’s time to get a piece that will turn heads. My pick for this season is our Red Coral and Horn Link Necklace.

nest_hb_ad_march5 copy

We want you to have a blast stocking up! Now through March 15, enjoy 20% off your entire purchase using the code: SPRING. Can’t wait to see your collections!




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